98 new members joined Mongolian People’s Party on the Mongolian Students’ Day

2019 Оны 3 Сарын 7

            1st of March was Mongolian Students’ Day and in the framework of the celebration, Social Democracy Students’ Union organized the ceremony of acceptance of new members.

            Social Democracy Students’ Union bases its’ policy on serving the Mongolian nation, Mongolian solidarity, liberty and justice. It, also, takes into account the commitment and ambitions of the younger generation. Mongolian People’s Party organized the commemorative ceremony on 1st of March for Mongolian Patriots’ Day and for the 98th anniversary of establishment of Mongolian People’s Party. In regards to the commemoration, Social Democracy Students’ Union recognized 98 new members into Mongolian People’s Party and rewarded the Bulgan aimak’s Students Union’s unit as the Best Unit of the year.

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