The new Constitution is the result of the union of Mongolians

2019 Оны 1 Сарын 18


Mongolians commemorated the 27th anniversary of the ratification of the new Constitution on 13 January, 2019. The board of the Mongolian People’s Party and the veterans who took part in writing the new constitution of Mongolia paid tribute at the D.Sukhbaatar square.

27 years ago, Mongolians ratified the new Constitution, which made amendments on the humanitarian and economic legislation, announcing to the world the official establishment of Mongolia. The new Constitution of Mongolia is the symbol of the union of Mongolians. To ratify the legal act, almost 400 delegates of People’s Great Khural were present to hear about the thoughts of 1.2 million of Mongolians. The members of the State lower house gathered up for 4 times in order to discuss the new amendments into the Constitution for 76 days.

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