The scientific conference entitled Today's Mongolian Political Responsibility and Ethics was held

2018 Оны 10 Сарын 20

The scientific conference entitled Today's Mongolian Political Responsibility and Ethics was held at the Palace of Independence on Tuesday. This conference was organized by Mongolian People's Party's Supervisory Committee and National Academy of Governance, Academy of Sciences and Philosophy.

Mongolian People's Party’s Chairman and the Prime Minister of Mongolia U. Khurelsukh greeted to the scientists who participated in the conference. After referring to hard economic times that Mongolia was facing, and positive achievements after steps of measures that are taken, and revival of our country’s reputation on international stage, it was pointed out that responsibility and ethics have become a major issue for the Mongolian society. Furthermore, the head of the party has expressed his belief that the speech and promotion presented by participating scholars, who are experts on their own field in this conference, will make a great contribution to the cause.
During the Conference within the theme of Ethical Responsibility of Individuals various presentations are discussed and presented by the following:
Researcher, Ph.D., Professor B. Dash-Yondon, Institute of Philosophy of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, within the topic: Scientific Classification of the National Ethics of Mongolians
Academician, Professor of the National University of Mongolia, S.Narangerel, within the topic: "The ethics of Mongolians"
Secretary of the MPP, Professor D.Batmunkh, within the topic: “The role and the advantage of the media to engrain justice”
A.Altanzul, professor of the National Academy of Governance, "Impact of the Civil Servants Law and the Impact on Its Ethical Behavior"
Chairman of the MPP's Ethics Committee Prof. T.Baasantsogt, "The way to improve the control of code of ethics"
Director of the Academy of Sciences, Professor B. Purevsuren, "Ethics and Public Opinion".
Director of the Strategic Academy G.Naranbayar, Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy,
"The Role of Party Members in Political Culture"
Ph.D. Prof. Ts.Munkhtsetseg, Consultant of the General Secretary of the MPP, " The ethical responsibilities relating to finance of the Party”
Ph.D., Professor, teacher of the National University of Mongolia R. Darikhuu and Ph.D. M. Zolzaya, "The current state of social morality and the ways to improve it"

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