The Mongolian People's Party has won an absolute victory in the Citizens' Representatives Meeting

2018 Оны 10 Сарын 12

According to the Election Law, the by-election of Citizens’ Representatives Meeting was conducted on 7 October in Dornogobi, Sukhbaatar aimags and Bagakhangai district of Ulaanbaatar. On the same day in Khuvsgul aimag, the election of the governor was conducted in Khatgal village.

As result of the elections, the candidates from Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) received major votes in the by-election of Citizens’ Representatives Meeting. Below are the statistical information of the by-elections:

In Altanshiree soum of Dornogobi aimag, the candidate from Mongolian People's Party won absolute victory

In Ulaanbadrakh soum, the candidate received 61.8% of all votes, whereas the Democratic Party (DP) received 38.2%.

In Dornogobi aimag, 69.4% of votes were casted in the favor of MPP, whereas the DP received 30.6%.

In Zamyn-Uud soum, 64.7% of votes were for MPP with the DP receiving 35.2%.

In Sainshand soum, 70.5% and the Democratic Party crossed with 29.5%.

To conclude from the data, the Mongolian People's Party won the majority in five constituencies in Dornogobi aimag. Moreover, the MPP won 62.6% of the by-election of Citizens’ Representatives meeting held in Bagakhangai district, while the DP received only 32.3% of the total votes.

However, the Democratic Party won the election that’s been held in Sukhbaatar province’s second bag. Even so, the news of the victory of the MPP in the election of governor in Khatgal village of Khuvsgul aimag spread around. Many researchers and observers have been noting that these by-elections would be verifying the parties’ solid base. Out of the 9 election constituencies the Mongolian People’s Party won in the 7, which indicates that the Party will remain in the power.

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