The Mongolian People's Party paid respect to senior citizens

2018 Оны 10 Сарын 5

On the occasion of the International Day of Senior citizens, the Mongolian People's Party's Governing Board and the Senior Citizens Association of the Mongolian People's Party jointly organized a ceremony in Mongolian Independence Palace to honor the senior citizens who served in Mongolian People’s Party.

Secretary General of the Mongolian People's Party, D.Amarbayasgalan, Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Party, Ts.Bat-Enkh, Head of the Department of Party Organization, B.Bayarbaatar, and Secretariat of Party Board participated in the event.

According to the Head of the Senior Citizens Association, Ts.Sukhbaatar, the organization is working to build two nurseries by 2020. Chairman of the MPP, U.Khurelsukh, and Secretary General, D.Amarbayasgalan, expressed their interest in their plan.

During the ceremony, 13 senior citizens were awarded the grand medal of MPP “Medal of Independence”.

In the past years, the Government of Mongolia made several amendments to the Law on the Senior citizens which was ratified by the Great Khural. The law contains several important provisions.

One of the significant changes was that a retired woman with a child would be able to get extra 1.5 years of workforce, which means for mother of 4 children, the period of her employment will be equal to 6 years of work in governmental sector. Moreover, the plan to build senior care centers in rural areas of Mongolia is in the progress of complete achievement.

Starting from 2019, the pensioners will receive 50-250 thousand tugriks per year in the accordance of the Program to Increase Pensions and Allowances. MPP will continue to pay more heed to the further work of the association and assist them with any demand, need.

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